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Rising Fron the Ashes...

I guess this is it. I've jumped on LJ bandwagon.

I'm a huge reader of fanfiction and have posted stories under other alias' across the 'net. Perhaps I'll post my previous works here, I'm not 100% sure about that. I do know that after a long 'dry' spell I've been tempted to start writing again. Future stories will be primarily slash fic as that is what I tend to read most.

Some of the pairings I like most:

BTVS/ATS:     Xander/Angel(us) 

Harry Potter:    Harry/Draco 
                        Harry/TMR {aka Voldemort} 
                        Harry/Snape (if its done well)

Dean/Sam                               Stargate SG1: Jack/Daniel

Stargate Atlantis: John/Rodney

Some of the pairings I like least:

BTVS/ATS:        Xander/Buffy (lets not go there) 
                          Xander/Dawn (too much like incest to me) 

Harry Potter:
     Harry/Ginny (too much like incest to me) 

I also love Crossover fic.

Favorite Authors Include:         Willj, Xanzpet, Pixel, Kirallie, Caliadragon, Vorabiza, 
                                             Xanthe, Azure Chaos, Rivana, Raven/Ruefull, 
                                             The Minx 17, Lisa Roquin, Xanfan 
                                                                                                 (...and many others)

Why Can't We All Get Along?!?

Why is it that some fanfiction readers for some unfathomable reason seem to forget that ALL fanfic is ANTI canon?

Is it me or do they simply don't understand that if canon was so great there wouldn't BE fanfic at all?

Con-crit is usually a friend for most writers. However, there is absolutely no excuse for raking a writer over the coals just because you don't like the way they've written their story. The concept is simple: you don't like it, don't read it! I hate to be the one to tell you (insert sarcasm here) but you are NOT the ultimate authority on what's right or wrong in a fandom. That job belongs to the person(s) who created the universe. 

To quote the bible "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" or the Wiccan Creed "And in ye harm none, do what ye will" also "Quid pro quot" are very apt quotes that can be utilized regardless of race/religion/sex etc. You want to be respected for your opinion? You have to give that respect to others.

My recommendation? If you have a serious beef with the way something's written, either bite your tongue or contact the writer away from the review area if its possible. Then, and here's the important part, accept that you can't make the author change things to suit you.

Then there are the groups/cliques/forums that can't seem to stay focused. I mean I join a group to discuss writing techniques, plot ideas, and share a comaraderie of just being amongst people who understand the ups and downs of being a fic writer. I don't join to become involved in an internet 'pissing contest' or 'popularity vote'. If I have a disagreement with someone, I still respect that they have the right to their opinion and that its different from mine. I basically 'agree to disagree'. 

It saddens me that I have witnessed the complete destruction of some good groups and communities because everyone else had to give their opinion on the argument and it ultimately turns into a debate that quickly deteriorates into an internet war of people choosing 'sides'.

I wonder if many people realize that what is posted here on the 'net will be around for a long time. Perhaps decades after we've passed on from this life. 

There's a lovely short story by SciFi/Fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey called Dull Drums. Its a futuristic story about a girl in a comp sci class where she and her classmates have to go through old files to free up space on the planted-wide system and present a paper of what they'd learned about the people who made the files.

The situation is not quite the same but hopefully you'll get my point. What would someone think of a group's strife and dissention fifty years from now? Is it really that important that Boogie Woogie had his characters OOC and Pigglie Wigglie complained a lot before it escalated to name calling and slander? 

Get Real! 

I'm not perfect and never claimed to be. But I hope that I've never insulted a writer intentionally.

That's the end of my soapbox rant for the day.

To all: Pax Vobiscum

A Rant Against Fan Fic Writers

Ok, I'm kinda new to the LJ community so here goes for a first post.

I love fan fiction! However I find that there are many writers of fanfic who either need to brush up on their grammar and spelling or get a beta who excels at it. I'm not just talking about writers whose native language is not english. I find it very distracting when the wrong version of common words are used.

The Words: To, Too and Two

    To:  used in a sentence like "I'm going to the store."

    Too:  used in a sentence like "There are too many kinds of chocolate, I can't pick one."

    Two: the written form of the numeric 2.

The Words: There, Their and They're

    There: used in a sentence like "Mickey? He's over there with Minnie." denoting a place.

    Their: used in a sentence like "I can't believe it's their 10th anniversary already!"
             Denoting the plural for of his/hers

    They're: used in a sentence like "They're going to be so excited to see us." 
                In this case they're is the contraction of the two words they are.

The Words: Choose and Chose
   Choose:  Pronounced  "ch - oo - ze"
                   The present tense of making a choice. "I hate having to choose between chocolate and 
                    vanilla ice cream."
   Chose:   Pronounced "ch - Oh - ze"
                 The past tense of a choice. "I chose choclate ice cream today."

The Words: Lose and Loose (This has to be the most commonly mixed up words)

    Lose: Pronounced "l - oo - ze" (rhymes with booze)
            Present tense/precursor of lost. "If he move's that bishop, I'll definately lose the game."
    Loose: Pronounced "l - oo - se" (rhymes with goose and noose)
               Most common meaning is the opposite to tight.
               "My clothes are too loose since I lost those twenty pounds!"

There are some others, but these seem to be the biggest offenders.

I'm not perfect and I don't expect writers to be either. However, when writers keep making the same mistakes over and over in a story I find it can be very distracting. It takes away my enjoyment because I need to translate what the writer is trying to say at times.